Beer & Speech

Last Saterday I was busy. First brewing a new beer for a damaged, deleted and forgotten art work in Apeldoorn (with Ton Fisser and Martijn de Frankrijker). Then in the afternoon I was asked to [...]

Düsseldorf !

My lecture was well attended at the Photo Book Salon in Düsseldorf and DIABP had good bussiness. Thanks a lot to the Hochschule Bibliothek and the organisation; hopefully we see each other next year !

Bas@Elementary School

Last week I gave a talk about conceptual art and my work at the elementary school where my daughter goes to. The children are about 7 years old. I asked if art could be pee and poop.

Museum voor KOR 2014

‘Museum voor Kunst Openbare Ruimte’ means: Museum for Art in Public Space. Kor is als a common Dutch first name for a guy. Together with 7 other creatives we are making a museum and [...]

The Golden Camera

At the Art Academy in Utrecht (HKU) I teach Photography to 2nd year students Fine Art. To get a official didactic degree, I am currently taking a course. Therefore I developed a new teaching [...]


This week I gave a talk about my work in De Pont in Tilburg at ‘The day of the young artist’. Some listeners thought it was cabaret.

Frozen news

I was honored to open the exhibition of my former photo student Gerard Oltmans in art cafe Samsam two weeks ago.

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