Museum Jan Cunen

With Marin Hondebrink we presented our ‘Artist as a Toilet Attendant’ book on the toilets of Museum Jan Cunen in Oss. Nice co-production with photo’s of Marins small sculptures [...]

Golden Dance 2021

In 2021 I was a photography teacher for a creative dance production for senior citizens in Apeldoorn. We made several productions, including a presentation with all 52 participants printed on banners.

Jury member

Very proud to be part of the jury of this year’s edition of the prestigious prize the Wilhelmina Ring ! Edition 2021

Audio projects

The last couple of years I’m working more and more with audio. Audio tours for Museum voor KOR, Art Walks Tilburg with Frank Koolen and for other apps and podcasts. This project is in [...]

Art Walks Tilburg

Together with artist Frank Koolen I made a portrait of Theresia, a neighborhood in Tilburg. It’s an audio tour with signs and walk, check it out !

Working on new website

After my first website in 2003, I had a new one in 2007, 2011, a BASBOEK webshop in 2013 and now this one in 2017. Pics are from the first one made by Jeroen Disch with model Ting, my company [...]

8UO 2017

Last Friday I worked eight hours for charity (8 uur overwerken) as team captain of a creative team. Always inspiring to do! (Photo’s: Ellis Peeters)

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