Museum night tour

Together with Mark Kuiper I gave an Instagram live feed tour in our museum for art in public space by car, just after the curfew, between 4:45 – 7:00 AM.

Bas as Museum Guide

Last two months I’m also working as a museum guide for the Museum for Art in Public Space (Museum voor KOR). A lot of tours are still coming up ! Next public one is the Museum Night, April [...]

Space Invaders

I gave the workshop ‘Space Invaders’ with Mark Kuiper at HKU for two weeks. Under harsh conditions (lots of snow), students learned how to invade public space. Great experience, for [...]

Sportive tour guide

This Sunday, September 16 2018, I’m a sportive tour guide for Museum of KOR. Theme of the tour is the National Sport Week.  

Art Walks Tilburg

Together with artist Frank Koolen I made a portrait of Theresia, a neighborhood in Tilburg. It’s an audio tour with signs and walk, check it out !

Theater for Museum for KOR

For Museum voor KOR (Museum for Art in Public Space) we made a small theater show during festival Roots in the Woods. Martijn de Frankrijker played a former mayor as a kind of living statue and I [...]

Great summer for Museum KOR

We had a great summer with our creative project Museum for Art in Public Space in Apeldoorn. We brewed a beer in memory of a molested and lost artwork, had free walking tours all summer long and [...]

Beer & Speech

Last Saterday I was busy. First brewing a new beer for a damaged, deleted and forgotten art work in Apeldoorn (with Ton Fisser and Martijn de Frankrijker). Then in the afternoon I was asked to [...]

New audio tour

For Museum voor KOR I made a new audio tour in collaboration with Stephanie Tenda, Mark Kuiper and CODA Museum. It’s for the city summer festival Stadsoase. First picture the front page of [...]

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