October 13 t/m 25 2018 in gallery Noord in Groningen my work is on show with the work of Chantal Rens en Mémé Bartels.

New work in public space

Together with Mark Kuiper I made the prize-winning design for a work of art on the Leienplein in Apeldoorn. Watch the crowd funding movie ! (only in Dutch)  


Commissioned by Willem Bierman I made this light box for his absurdistic magazine PRADO which he has stopped to publish. It says: PRADO 1985 – 2015 irregular. The magazine appeared [...]

FAR OFF Cologne

 Thanks to TADA Projects, my work is on display at the FAR OFF Art Fair in Cologne Germany (April 14-17 ). Credits and pics: Guido Nieuwendijk en Marije Vermeulen !

First work in public space

Last Wednesday councillor Detlev Cziesso unveiled my first work in public space: seven light boxes in the narrow alley Prinsengang (translated: Prince Walk) in Apeldoorn. The fourteen images of [...]

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