Huisje Boompje BOOM

Connected to the exhibition Inside the Outside in CODA Museum, we presented our project Huisje Boompje BOOM for the first time. It’s about pictures of huge trees growing in front yards. [...]

Museum Jan Cunen

With Marin Hondebrink we presented our ‘Artist as a Toilet Attendant’ book on the toilets of Museum Jan Cunen in Oss. Nice co-production with photo’s of Marins small sculptures [...]

Tekenen onder Invloed

The founding father of ‘Drawing under Influence’ Willum Geerts, asked me to do the November and December edition in Ekko, Utrecht. For these I made VJ-sets in combination with a nude model.

Animation with historical photos

For Apeldoorn 1900 I made this animation with historical photos in collaboration with Wijzijnwolf. In September and October, every movie in art house cinema Gigant starts with this animation.

Sportive tour guide

This Sunday, September 16 2018, I’m a sportive tour guide for Museum of KOR. Theme of the tour is the National Sport Week.  

Commissioned: 50 years Van Walraven

For the company Van Walraven we made their 50 years jubilee book. I wrote all the interviews, texts and even a new manifest. In corporation with Mark Kuiper, Medea Huisman, Sera Schutijser and [...]

New work in public space

Together with Mark Kuiper I made the prize-winning design for a work of art on the Leienplein in Apeldoorn. Watch the crowd funding movie ! (only in Dutch)  

Art Walks Tilburg

Together with artist Frank Koolen I made a portrait of Theresia, a neighborhood in Tilburg. It’s an audio tour with signs and walk, check it out !

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